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October 29 2017

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Does anybody have a cousin at Hulu or Amazon or Netflix?  This series is exactly what I didn’t know I needed.

Listen - we got the girl heist movie with Lupita N'uongo and Rihanna from this shit. Lets go guys. Reblog to save a life.

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this kitten looks like bb-8

thought this was Impressionism tbh, look at that lighting, the swirls in that fur

the picture is so vividly coloured…

beautiful cat and kittens


black character:

you fucking gremlins, every time:

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Old Disney things: Minnie’s house!



tumblr programmers


Half this website isn’t working so this is a #bigmood

The search broke for anyone else?

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this is actually so cute, strangers bonding is the best

*pretends to be shocked*


So who said I was over reacting when I said Youtube has been only flagging my LGBTQ+ videos??????????????????????? 

Cause yeah, they did it again to my LIS video. I’m just talking about Chloe’s nightmare in episode 2, but they probably flag my video because Chloe and Rachel are kissing. So fuck me again.

In case you missed my last post:

(I got my let’s play cleared, but it took 2 fucking days which is bullshit. My viewership was cut in half and of course I lost 50% of my revenue for it too. It’s already confirmed Youtube’s homophobic AI hates Life Is Strange.)


psychologist patient in fiction: (somberly lying down on a sofa, hands together fingers intertwined, looking blankly at the ceiling) …it all started on my 2nd birthday. I remember that day very clearly. I, even back then, could detect the delicate tension between my parents, as one avoided answering the others question…

psychologist patient in reality: (Does spread eagle on wooden chair) i dont know shit Just unfuck me

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Some family friends currently live in okinawa, and they know I love seeing all the critters there! Look at this precious little hermit crab♡

I just went “BABYYYY!!!” and shoved my phone at my coworker to show them. Cutie!!!

sooo cute!! :D i love getting videos and snaps from them about stuff they see on the beaches :3

also…i’ve heard blueberry hermit crabs are native to japan? is that true? is this lil cutie pie a blueberry hermit crab? :p

Had to do a bit of double-checking as I haven’t really read much on the species other than purple pinchers, but yup, they’re native! And from what I can tell, it does look like this little one is a Blueberry. The other possibility is maybe a Viola, but it looks more like a Blueberry to me, and starting to get more of the blue color.

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Child Arc: Page 89


Mom in denial~

Support us here! Get extra comic updates and see the latest pages!

-Mod Junior and Mod Roy


The Best of Halloween on Texts From Superheroes


















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It’s International Cat Day you say?

Reposted bySkydelanwonko21







i walk into starbucks and order a pumpkin spice latte with 13 shots of espresso. i tell the barista that i intend to transcend humanity and become a god. i ask for no whip cream

you say this jokingly but i had a customer actually order a pumpkin spice latte with 9 shots of espresso (also no whip) and when i asked her to verify that she did indeed want 9 shots of espresso she looked me dead in the eyes and said “i have 5 kids”

I once had a woman come in and ordered an Americano with 19 shots of espresso. The drink took ages. It held up the line. I asked her why, and she shrugged and said “I just don’t care”. We still talk about that woman. We never saw her again.

new cryptid: exhausted woman at starbucks

Actual conversation I had at register:

“Hi, welcome to [Starbucks]! What can I get you, today?”

“How much is it to fill a Venti with Espresso?”

“I- I’m sorry?”

“A venti cup. How much to fill it with Espresso?”

“Oh. uh. Well, it’d be I suppose… I only have a button for a Quad. I don’t have special pricing for twenty ounces of espresso in a single… drink.”

“Price is the furthest thing from my mind right now. How many ‘add shots’ is that?”

*deep breath of fear* “It’d be a quad with,” *clears throat* “uh, sixteen additional shots of espresso. But, ma’am, I should tell you that the shots will start to get really bitter if they have to sit and wait for us to pull twenty of them-”

“Taste means nothing to me.”

At this point I am truly fearing for my very existence in the presence of what must clearly be an eldritch being.

“Oh. Well, okay.” I put on my absolute best customer service smile to hide my terror and accept that I must face this dragon, fae, or demon with dignity. “We can certainly get that for you! The price will be _____.”

She begins to pay, I shit thee not, with golden dollar coins. We are a block from Wall Street, and this eldritch demi-being is paying for an unholy elixer with golden coins. My life will end soon, I am sure of it.

“Do you still have the ‘Add Energy’ packets?”

My heart began to race at this request. “Yes ma’am.”

“How many can I add?”

Futile though it is, at least I know the rote response to this. “For health reasons, we won’t add more than one per drink and we cannot sell the packets individually.”

“One then.”

I alter the order and tell her the new price. She pays, dumps the change and five golden dollars into the tip box. I write the order on the venti cup and pass it silently to the girl working the hot beverage station. Normally we called and pass, but this was … not something to be spoken aloud.

My fellow takes the cup, not thinking anything of the minor break with protocol, until she sees the order. She stares at me. “No.”

The woman, which I call her for no other greater insight into her terrifying being is within my grasp, simply stands on the other side and says, calmly but with a commanding tone I expect of Admirals in bad movies, “Yes.”

My fellow barista pales before her task. But we are dutiful, we are true to our task, great though it may be. She sets about clearing the two brand new Matrena’s of all distraction, and sets two tall cups in the ready position. The energy packet is emptied into the venti cup, and the shots begin pouring. 

The barista was damn near shaking. This woman’s gaze felt like the fires of the sun. Finally, the shots are pulled, the cup is filled, and the hand off takes place.

Our visiting Incomprehensible takes it to our milk bar and adds a dollop of cream. Satisfied, she proceeds to down what must have been half the damn cup.

Then she smiled at us, like a benediction and I was honestly filled with joy. And horror. She left, and we knew nothing more of her after that.

When I talk with other former employees, we quickly begin talking about “The Company” as if we’d never l, perhaps knowing that part of our soul still powers that awesome and terrible corporate machine. And when I share this stroy, other Baristas at first act shocked but quickly settle and comes the chorus, 

“Yeah, I had one like that.”

I *love* service industry Customer Legends.

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I’ve realised practically all of the Middle-Earth books revolve around a man being EXTREMELY pissed off because someone nicked his jewellery.

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full version of my team skull buki from earlier this year!

hey is the tumblr search broken?

October 28 2017



Tumblr:  We want complex villains! 
Tumblr:  But they can’t do anything villainous or complex ever. 

My favorite quote on this is Lemony Snickett when a school district banned his book due to the marriage plot by the villain.

He merely responded

“I’m sorry, but I’m at a loss on how to write a villain that doesn’t do villainous things.”

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