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August 06 2017

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(river is the fusion)

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June 28 2017


Anyone know anyone who takes fic comissions

@rootbeergoddess is taking them I think

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today i saw a birb runnin’ fast

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this is the kind of hard-hitting news we need more of

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I’m dead.

Of all the posts on this forsaken site, this is the one that killed me.

Where’s the lie, though?

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Princess Serenity in Elie Saab Spring 2014
Black Lady in Alexander McQueen Spring 2012
Queen Nehelenia in Alexander McQueen Fall 2013
Queen Beryl in Alexander McQueen Fall 2011

by Eastwood Wong

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Napstablook sending you a medicine reminder! :D


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“i wish pokemon were real!”

beedrill is three feet tall

yeah but lets be real here if it meant I could live in a world with completely free healthcare and take tours across entire countries on foot with superpowered animal/else companions I would fight a hundred fucking beedrill at once naked with only a butter knife

as i say every time i see this post,

you can catch beedrill and earn the purest fucking love from its little bee heart with a muffin you earn playing a minute of yarn toss

beedrill is not your enemy

Let’s think about life in the Pokemon world for a minute…

First of all, there’s universal free healthcare across the planet. That’s more that a lot of places in our world can say. Moreover, fresh water on this world is apparently so nutrient-rich that it can cure moderate injuries, to say nothing of what berries can do. Therefore, the inhabitants of this world are probably very physically healthy, and those with disabilities (who by default cannot be “healthy”) don’t have to worry about losing their healthcare due to lack of money.

Politics-wise, there isn’t much of a government. Despite this, the world seems relatively peaceful. Private individuals, some as young as eleven, can be expected to deal with crime themselves. War has occurred in the past, but the general political sentiment appears to be very anti-war - cruelty is strongly frowned upon.

Economically, it’s true that there are some people with economic issues - like that one dude in Mauville Hills in ORAS - but generally there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of homelessness or poverty. Some people are more well-off than others - vastly so in some cases - but largely poverty doesn’t seem to exist.

Then there’s the wildlife.

Strange, supernatural creatures of unknown origin and great power populate this planet. An unarmed adult human is no match for even one of these creatures. But the vast majority of the wildlife is extremely friendly to the point where it’s almost all domesticated. Small children are given these creatures as companions and allowed to go out into the open world with them, as they will be safe and able to survive. 

Even the scariest of these monsters can be tamed with love and care. Beedrill will love you if you toss yarn at it, sure. So will things like Gyarados, Hydreigon, and the Pokemon equivalent of Lucifer. No Pokemon is untameable so long as you are kind to it.

This in turn has fostered a culture of kindness. It is infinitely more rewarding to be kind to the living creatures around you. Those who are cruel are quickly steamrollered by those who build up close, loving bonds. Even then, a lot of people are concerned that this society of love and kindness is somehow too cruel (to the point where it was the entire plot of gen V).

That love and kindness is extended to all humans. People trust random strangers who walk into their homes. Items are randomly just given out on the street, often for no reward beyond a warm fuzzy feeling. Almost comical levels of generosity and acceptance are expected on this planet. And if you decide to betray that and take advantage of people…

Well, I hope you like having your ass kicked by an adorable eleven-year-old with a nice hat and a yarn-loving Beedrill.



fun fact, a myth in the pokemon world (specifically DPP) states that pokemon where worried about humans surviving on there own! so they all spoke about how to look after these squishy notpokemon, and they came up with the idea to be companions and friends.
so whenever a human that’s trustworthy walks into the grass they present themselves, if a human earns there respect in battle they will aid that human as long as they are needed
every pokemon that appears in cave, surfing and tall grass canonically wants to be your friend
also unless you use a master ball if a pokemon does not want to be caught It Can’t Be. it’s only by showing of your skill in battle that a pokemon will want to join you. so even legendaries want to be your friend!! that’s why some legendary Pokemon (usually ones who present themselves to you) have low catch rates! they respect you and understand you can use there skill for good!

edit cause i remembered: this could also be used to explain why traded pokemon can disobey you, you didn’t earn the respect of there actual trainer and so you have to have the right skill level (badges, island challenges) for them to listen and trust you

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First three pages of a book I’m making for my brother 






There are many videous of Mark’s that I love. I can’t remember what the first one I watched was but the one I go back to the most is Markiplier sings with a puppy. Just sometimes when I’m feeling down or nothing at all, I watch that and all the similar videous like Playing dead with puppies or A Day/Year in the life of Markiplier. And they truly comfort me. There are other videous like Google Feud that I like cause it just makes me laugh myself stupid or Universe Sandbox cause it’s so inspirational. And I don’t even have to mention Markiplier Tv or A Date with Markiplier.

But in the end, this little video is closest to my heart.

This video is so precious! FUN FACT: It was actually filmed before I started my YouTube channel!

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Sea bunny friends! 🐰🐌

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every demo in every (main storyline) comic

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Who’s to say that Carlos isn’t a virgin?

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Daily Painting 1675# Tortarium by Cryptid-Creations

Preorders Open for “Daily Paintings Book” Store Link: http://forgepublishing.com/shop/

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Me enjoying my ship/ TV show while everyone else is busy attacking each other’s throats

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